Super Bible ...

… there are over 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world.

… in many countries there are more mobile phones than people.

… is designed to reach people who would otherwise not consider picking up a Bible or reading Christian literature.

…provides an easy way to explain the Bible and provides a visual path to sharing the Gospel with even the most unreached people.

Super Bible on devices

Super Bible ...

… is a non-profit initiative to explain the Bible in every language.

… is free to the end user after being sponsored and translated.

… is a free app and website.

… is available in print, digital and animation.

… answers common Bible questions.

Super Bible ...

… is a team of creators, sponsors, translators and home computer missionaries seeking to make the Bible accessible and understandable to the unreached and the unengaged.

… offers life impacting stories delivered straight to the person, village or group you desire.

… has a global reporting system so you can track usage, users and statistics.

… has 1,200 accompanying text Bible language versions available.

… also has available a WiFi hotspot “Super Bible Box” for areas with no Internet access.

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